The Underdog


Stingray isn’t your average pilot. He got his start as a hacker, pirate media personality and performance artist in the streets of Metal City. Running his free pirate television show, Free Metal TV, that broadcasted across the city, he rose in popularity as many came to watch his exploits, a true underdog fighting against the oppressive tyranny of the world.
Of course, said ‘Tyrants’ didn’t feel the same way. It took some time, and no small amount of effort, but the Sect of Metal managed to find Stingray’s broadcasts, cracking down on the pirate. Tried as a criminal in spite of his young age, the boy found himself faced with exorbitant fines in damages against the city.

The Sect of Metal wanted him dead, but the fans cried out for his freedom, and he had many fans. The Sect of Metal knew that they couldn’t come down too hard on him, so they did the next best thing; they bought his debt, and pressed him into service in the Arena. In the Arena, Stingray found the truest way to express himself and each bout became a new performance piece. Rebellious and with serious issues against authority, especially the Sect of Metal, the kid is an idol to all those who feel the oppressive weight of the Patrons or the Sect bearing down on them. However, despite all of that, one of the biggest reasons he stages his performances, broadcasts his shows, and challenges the status quo is to show the world that anything is possible if you’re willing to push the envelope. He does it to give those he sees as his “people” hope, and they love him for it. Which is why when it became apparent that the Sect couldn’t make Stingray disappear, they chose instead to put him in the Arena, hoping he would die and their problem would go away.

It didn’t. He didn’t die. What was worse was with his showmanship in the Arena, his popularity exploded to all sectors of Metal City. Now Stingray is a tacitly accepted media icon amongst the upper crust of society and the higher-ups in the Sect. However, he hasn’t forgotten from where he came. Even though Stingray and his videographer Lenz have to shoot Sect approved shows, his pirate broadcasts are still the most popular thing amongst the outsiders and the disenfranchised amongst the city.

Musical Style: D’rude’n’storm.

Character Guide


Stingray is extremely good at dealing large amounts of damage in a short time. If you ever need someone to neutralize a single pilot out, this little hacker fellow is the one to call.

The first and basic skill is the Discs of Doom. This weapon shoots three discs and is able to deal damage to more than one enemy.

Not only to kill but also to push and take away the opponents’ control, Stingray has the Power Wave. This secondary weapon casts a wave of energy that can deal damage to multiple enemies.

Stingray still needs speed to intercept the targets and help the team to deliver the bomb. That’s why he uses the Powerslide. This third weapon propels himself forward and deals damage as it hits and pushes the enemies.

Stingray always saves what’s best for last. You’d better save it too. The Ultra Final Blaster is an incredible frontal laser that deals heavy damage, capable of killing most of those who stand in front of it. The ray has a long reach, so multiple opponents may fall in front of you!


WEAPON 1: Discs of Doom

Shoots discs that deal damage to the opponents hit


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