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Rampage wasn’t always the rage-filled destructive force of nature he is today. Once, he was a brilliant machinist who sought to make the world a better place for all, to bring technology and prosperity out to the regions of Metal City. He wanted to turn Metal City into a shining beacon representing the best of humanity. Given the current state of Metal City, it’s clear he didn’t succeed.

Working for a company known as Maximatics, Rampage was a humble genius. He was selected to take part in the company’s Project Rebirth, a vision of the future where the world would be safe for people again, bringing back the world of yesterday and making it the world of tomorrow. In truth, Project Rebirth was a cover to build a great fortress for Solomon Lorde, the owner of Maximatics.

Rampage was the first survivor of this program. He worked as a tool for Maximatics, clearing an area outside of Metal City of all who lived there and building for them a fortress from which to operate. He thought he was still doing good for them, even as they stripped him of his humanity and his freedom. When he found out he was betrayed, Rampage...rampaged. Using his bulldozer, he tore down the walls of the facility, feeling nothing but rage.

Musical Style: Rage'n'Roll

Character Guide


Rampage is an interceptor who doesn't care about the enemy's opinion. If he wants the target out of his way, the target goes out of his way. If he wants to make someone drop the bomb, the bomb is dropped. If he wants to push the entire enemy team to the lava, well... hasta la vista, enemy team.

His passive, Anger Management, shouldn't be taken for granted. Reducing all of the damage is something that can make a huge difference in battle when used wisely. But remember to line the blade of his bulldozer on the direction of the damage, even if it means to drive on reverse. When you master this weapon, you will survive for an extended period and, in this way, can intercept more.

The first weapon, Minimum Wage, other than causing damage, can give a hard push on hit enemies. Why choose between push and smash if you can do both with the same weapon? Especially if it pushes the enemy transporter to the dropper or lava.

The Harassment is fury in its pure shape: straight-line area damage with good range, dealing damage on anyone on sight.

The Traffic Jam is a frontal attack with the blade that causes damage and pushes the rivals your way. In case they collide with a wall, they’ll take extra damage for it. Nothing unleashes more hate than launching your enemies to the wall or melting them on a lava quad-kill combo.

It's with this weapon that Rampage lets all the anger flow through his gears and destroy his enemies. Saturday Shift is the Special Weapon. In the apex of his fury, the pilot raises the lift and drops it back obliterating everything around him, dealing critical damage for those who are inches of distance from him.


PASSIVE: Anger Management

The lift serves as a shield, reducing all the damage from attacks coming from the front


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