The Seed of Light


Photon represents one final, shining vestige of the old world. Descended from those who had worked to stop the apocalypse with tech, she chases after her heritage, hoping to find and restore their technology. She had been raised on the stories her mother had told, knowledge that had been passed down since the apocalypse from mother to daughter. Iris listened to stories of great facilities, sleek and bleeding edge. Now, she seeks to bring that back and has dedicated her life to the advancement of technology.

At heart, she is first and foremost a scholar and her passion is advancing the cause of science and pushing its boundaries. When she is not competing in the arena or working on her machine, Photon, she is searching for caches of Old World technology that she can restore and secrets of the past she can reclaim. The Sect of Metal watches her ambitions warily, out of fear that her endeavors might challenge their teachings.

While she has many projects, she knows the world in which she lives, and so Photon is her greatest achievement. She had found it exploring the facility she claimed as her base and quickly made it hers. A spectacular lightshow, Photon is covered in individual solar panels that draw power to charge its sparkling engine. This technology allows Iris to not only move at high speeds, but also repair herself and her allies!

Musical style: Progressive Wave

Character Guide


Photon is a great support character focused on repairing your teammates and getting in and out of combat really fast. Photon can drive faster than other supports -- and if played correctly,  she can sometimes carry the bomb in a pinch.

Have in mind that her passive weapon is all about repair. Lights on Me brings the spotlights all to her. Every time she hits a target, the colorful car activates self-repair.

Harder is the primary weapon, and it simply casts a disintegrating laser. Her car is a real prism and reflects light spectrums in front of her, transforming the photovoltaic energy in a destructive asset.

Better means real support. On a fast-paced match, Photon can drive side by side with allies and cast lights that repairs them for an extended period. This weapon is activated on her car’s right and left sides.

Faster is her cutting-edge-photovoltaic weapon three. This exclusive technology of hers accelerates the vehicle and leaves a trail of light and lasers, repairing allies and damaging those opponents that run over the pathway.

Stronger is the apex of the character’s technology. This special weapon activates Better and Faster for an extended duration, dealing damage and healing allies nearby.


PASSIVE: Lights on Me

Hitting targets with your Weapons activates self-repair


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