Metal Herald

The Dark Pope


Within the limits of Metal City, there are few who can rise to challenge the power wielded by the Sect of Metal. They, and they alone, bear the messages of the Metal God to the rabble that scrounge for survival in its streets. Even the Patrons move carefully around the Sect and its frontman, the Metal Herald. Among those unfortunate souls brought to kneel before the Herald in judgement, none leave without admitting their sins and evils before the eyes of the God chosen. Those who find themselves face-to-face with the skull-faced Ayatollah of Rock n’ Roll would sooner risk death than endure his wrath a second time.

The Sect claims the Metal God has granted Herald divine powers and with the mystical powers at his command, who would dare disagree? The Metal Herald demands attention. Even the most skeptical atheist would find themselves inexplicably drawn to the sound of his voice. The Metal God grants the Herald visions, flashes of insight that only he can interpret. Many of those who doubted his claims found themselves singing his praises after enduring only a moment in his presence.

In the Arena, the Metal Herald rings the holy chords, the divine gifts of the Metal God, to support his allies and to hinder his enemies. He can often be seen riding in the back, his Sectarian entourage clearing the way for their leader. There is no service the Herald enjoys performing more for the Metal God than defeating heretics within the walls of the Arena. The last thing that many of the heretics, condemned to participate in the Heavy Metal Machines Tournament, see is the deathly smile of the Herald, ushering them into the arms of the Metal God.

Musical style: Ozzyrian Chant

Character Guide


The Primary Weapon of the support is the Shadow Stroke. Powered by the amplifiers, the Herald shoots Metal energy. When it hits enemies, the priest receives shield.

The Runes of Sacrifice are waves of Heavy Metal energy shot as the Herald flagellates himself in the name of Metal. Besides damaging opponents, it gives shield to the allies.

There is another dimension: Metal -- and Herald can transport himself to that place when activating the weapon 3: Black Metal. It accelerates the vehicle and activates phased, becoming untouchable. He also receives shield after returning.

The ultimate call from the ruler of Metal City is the Herald’s Decree. This Special Weapon initiates a symphony of metal, granting shield to nearby allies.


WEAPON 1: Shadow Stroke

Shoots metal energy. Upon hitting, you're granted a shield


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