Killer J.

The Gagster


Killer J is not your standard Heavy Metal Machines pilot. One of the most notorious con-men in Metal City, this clown found out the hard way that the more people know your name, the harder it is to fleece them of their money. Jay is a man with few friends and many detractors, but he takes it all with a smile on his face, because the more people hate, the more chaos he can create. In the Arena, Killer J is a tr4oll of the highest degree, not content with just being the best but making others worse.

A charismatic and narcissistic personality, Jay built a cult about him filled with those attracted to his persona, the crazy and dangerous Killer J. Jay is happy to use these people to his own ends, but don’t be fooled, there’s only one person important in this cult. Everyone else is disposable. Killer J never has trouble remembering the real names of his troupe…Because he never learned them to begin with!

Season after season, Killer J. finds his way into the Arena to make money and cause trouble. It’s said that bookies won’t even take bets for or against Killer J., as he has a reputation of a cheater. Why is he allowed to compete? Well… some say the judges just really like clowns…

Musical Style: Psyclowntic Metal

Character Guide


What’s that I see? Are you NOT laughing? I thought you would be amused by now… oh well, let’s talk about Killer J. This character is a real troll, specializing in creating chaos and infuriating his enemies.

Punchline is an exceptional weapon, increasing his speed -- and as a psycho-clown, he will annoy the enemies with this weapon and cause damage to laugh about.

Twist the Metal is a hellish surprise: hidden fireworks are under the beetle’s hood and when they pop the enemies up, they’ll lose direction. Use this weapon on enemy transporters that are close to the lava, acid or droppers -- and save the laugh for yourself.

Wait for it... always ready jest. By firing this into the enemies, the unlucky machine hit by it will accelerate desperately, unable to control the car. And there’s more: This is a double-activation weapon, which means you can choose - for a few seconds - when to blow it. Be wise and choose the best moment to launch this gadget at the opponents, because you don’t want to send them straight to their goal while carrying the bomb, right?

The Big Joke: Killer J always saves the best of the show to the grand finale. This area-exploding Special Weapon is made of rockets that make enemies spin out of control and take a lot of damage for a few seconds. If you’re not laughing now, wait to see this in action… Just don’t miss the joke making them spin close to the delivery line when they are holding the bomb.

Clownmikaze means madness. When the joker finds himself dying, his passive activates a time bomb, making it the perfect time to run to the enemies. This self-destructing asset can also kill any opponent in the explosion area. Don’t die for anything, take them with you and give your best laugh at them.


PASSIVE: Clownmikaze

On the verge of destruction, activates a time bomb on your machine


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