Full Metal

The Executioner


Born in the Wastes, the Red Blight ravaged the land. He was a scourge to all who traveled through the wild lands outside of Metal City, a merciless bandit without compassion, without remorse…without the slightest bit of mercy.Wheresoever he roamed, he left ruins in his tire treads. The Red Blight terrorized the land with his iron fist…until he fell into the hands of the Sect of Metal.

Word of the Red Blight had been whispered in hushed tones and never in polite society, but everyone knew of his deeds. When the marauder slaughtered an entire tribe of natives, the rumors spread like wildfire. Everyone to a man, decimated by the Red Blight. The Sect of Metal saw a soul in need of saving…saw a tool in need of breaking.

Just as rough iron can be made into a fine steel, the Sect of Metal ‘worked’ the Red Blight in their holy fires. With fire and knives, fists and torture, they broke him down, made him soft and vulnerable, so that they could ‘save’ him. The Red Blight met his end somewhere in the dark heart of Metal City. The man who emerged was not the same. The chaotic monster had found…purpose.

Forged by the Sect of Metal, Full Metal Judge still prowls the Wastes and his name is still feared. He is the judge, jury, and executioner. The barrel of his gun is the last thing many heretics see before they receive their final judgement. Judge seeks redemption on his holy quest…and wherever his quest takes him, he’ll leave ruins in his tire treads.

Musical Style: Wasteland Rock

Character Guide


When the Full Metal Judge comes for you, there is nowhere to run. His role in the game is mainly Transporter. However, you can switch instances and become a strong damage dealer and help intercept the bomb.

Besides transporting the bomb, he can also dish a lot of damage if you can aim his frontal cannon properly and shoot with Triple Tap, shooting projectiles that can hit multiple opponents.

The Secondary Weapon is the key to winning or losing a match: Dead or Alive. This weapon is a switch to activate your offensive or defensive modes. The offensive mode damages FMJ over time while active and increases the damage of the other weapons. On defensive mode, FMJ receives shield over time and upon hitting the enemies.

As a veteran of the Sect of Metal, Full Metal Judge is the go-to person for chasing and delivering "justice" as they seem fit. The Relentless Plague weapon allows him to not only tackle and damage his opponents but also avoid and resist crowd control abilities affecting him - perfect for charging with the bomb without interruptions.

The final judgment is the Sentence - Death. This Special Weapon can be combined with the Dead or Alive to deal outstanding damage as the 30-missiles burst is being shot.


WEAPON 1: Triple Tap

Shoots three missiles in a burst


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