The Tow Truckers


The Clunker brothers are not quite what you might expect when thinking about a HMM pilot. These "good ol’ boys” are a rolling mass of confusion on the track. Their unique blend of wacky science, mechanical know-how and "good ol’ fashion country engineering” make them a quirky but effective interceptor. Their super magnet wielding tow-truck and its array of other magnetic gadgetry allow them to disrupt, drag and otherwise discombobulate enemy efforts in the arena. This often-dysfunctional pair of brothers often find themselves neck deep in all kinds of shenanigans on and off the track but they are sure to always entertain.

Billy is the smaller one and considered the smarter of the two, as he talks the most, running his mouth with whatever crude remark passes between his ears. Now big old Rufus, he doesn't say as much as his smaller brother but some say he’s an accidental genius when it comes to machines. After all, he got that big ol’ magnet stuck on top of their tow truck.

The two spend most of their time tending to their scrapyard and drinking beer, but they dream of getting their land back from the raiders who stole it from ‘em. To do that, they need money, and to get money they race in the Arena. When they first showed up, they were treated as the joke of the entire city. Now…they're still the butt of everyone’s jokes! But nobody can deny, that magnet is mighty fun to watch in action!

Musical Style: Redneck Rock

Character Guide


The Clunker brothers are interceptors who are extremely good at irritating the enemy team, dropping bombs and wreaking havoc.

Shock Away is an attack in the area that can hit any target nearby the Clunkers, as long as it is carefully launched at the right instant, since the electric gadget takes a fraction of a second to launch.

The Death Magnet is a big help to the Clunkers. Launched in front of the vehicle, it causes damage when connected to the target and can be carried for long distances toward the back of their truck, when it applies damage a second time at the end of the dragging action. It is used frequently to throw the opponents at the droppers (useful for taking the bomb away from the enemy) or in the lava (useful for taking away the bomb to destroy the enemy). It is also used to protect your transporter, surgically removing from battle someone who is causing too much trouble. Master Tow aim is crucial for helping the Clunkers reach their enormous destructive potential and causing the biggest possible headache, which is what the hicks do best.

This truck needs some speed! Electric Rush is the third weapon, which magnetizes the machine, gaining speed and pushing opponents away.

The special weapon is Singularity. This is a magnetic explosion in the field around him, causing area damage and drawing the opponents toward the center of the circle. In addition to being able to toss enemies into the lava or crushers, the Clunkers are able to gather together the enemies nearby them so that another pilot can take PASSIVE of this mash-up, like Rampage with his blade or Stingray with the beam.


WEAPON 1: Shock Away

Expands a magnetic field that pushes opponents


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