Black Lotus

The Nameless


An extraordinary race pilot or a mystical being? Black Lotus has the reputation of an urban legend wrapped up in mysteries - nobody knows anything about them, including if in fact they are he or she... All that is known is that Black Lotus runs like hell! Fast and evasive, they are a specialist in delivering the bomb and only plays to win.

Their motives are unclear, no one knows their origin, or if they compete for someone or some organization greater than the Sect of Metal. What is known is that their machine has unmatched speed and that the enigmatic scarf flying out of the cockpit seems to move in impossible patterns, changing in form and size while the vehicle flies down the arena's track.

Untamable, Black Lotus wins fast and leaves no time for the pitstop, or reaction, for that matter.

Musical Style: Dharma Metal

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Nobody knows where the hell Black Lotus came from, but his/her racing experience is evident: the weapons are focused on evading opponents and driving really, REALLY fast. In addition to radically increasing mobility, the weapons allow dodging from enemy shots and, if used competently (which is difficult and requires practice), can also cause a hefty amount of damage.

Astral Projection, Black Lotus' registered trademark on the arena, shoots a astral copy of itself that reduces weapon’s 2 recharge upon hitting the enemies and it will cause them damage. There's also a great destructive potential when properly aimed.

The Karma is the perfect weapon not just for defending the enemies' specials, but also to pulverize them with their own damage and, thus, giving you best conditions to deliver the bomb. Always when you get hit with this skill activated, its cooldown reduces.

This car has some impressive speed! That’s why the Soul Pilgrim activates a quick boost forward. The weapon has three charges to burn. Every time you use one, you don’t necessarily need to use them all -- they start recharging immediately.

After all the stages, finally the special one: Nirvana. This weapon is Black Lotus apex’ which recharges all weapons upon activation. It also reduces cooldowns and accelerates the machine throughout its duration.


WEAPON 1: Astral Projection

Shoots a copy that reduces "Karma's" recharge time upon hitting opponents


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