The Old-World Scientist


The world of Heavy Metal Machines is built on secrets and steel, and there are none who know either better than the brilliant old hermit Artificer. A survivor of the Old World, Artificer has lived through an apocalypse. She was there before Metal City. She predates the Sect. She has seen much over the course of her life and it’s left her a bit...eccentric!

Branded a heretic, she appears in Metal City seemingly at random to fight in the Arena, before disappearing from the public view again. With her mad science, she has a number of tricks up her sleeve to help her teammates and hinder her enemies, miracles of technology built from forgotten knowledge.

They say the old hag has been showing up more often as of late...which can only mean things are going to get crazy in Metal City!

Musical Style: Techno Classic

Character Guide


Artificer is not the type of scientist that hides on the depths of her laboratory. At the drop of a hat, she gets it done. In the arena, she's always part of the combat healing allies or disturbing enemies.

Her passive skill, the Metallic Bond, ensures that nearby allies are constantly being repaired. That’s right, constant healing as long as you are close to your teammates.

The first weapon, Ride the Lightning shoots a thunderbolt that repairs allies and causes damage to opponents. This is her way to say “hello” to some and “goodbye” to others.

The Thunderstruck is pretty self explanatory. This weapon creates a thunderbolt area that deals damage after a few seconds. Right after using this weapon, you can run away to heal yourself with the Electric Engine, which thrusts the Artificer forwards, faster than any other machine.

Finally, the special weapon: Thunderdome. This attack generates an electric field that deals damage and pushes away every opponent standing nearby you. This is a great ultimate source to protect the bomb transporter and save the day!


PASSIVE: Metallic Bond

Repairs allies around you


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